Alicja Szyszczak helped us find exactly what we were looking for in a nanny. She was very attentive to our needs as a family , and was able to suggest candidates that could meet those needs. Unlike some agencies who require you to fill out endless forms and questionnaires, Alicja actually invests time personally to […]

Paul and Jill Herz

We have known Alicja professionally since 1996. She placed our first nanny with us. This lady proved to be a loving and trustworthy caregiver to our three sons and an integral part of our family. Ten years later, when we transitioned to part-time help, I again called Alicja. Within days, she furnished the perfect candidate. […]


I was a little skeptical about using an agency to find a nanny for my daughter, but those feelings were immediately erased from the first moment I spoke with Alicja. She really knows this industry, cares about her employees and customers and only hires highly qualified nannies and caretakers. Alicja made sure she found the […]


Testimonial I have been using Globe Nanny since my boys were born (over 8 years). As my needs have evolved, Globe Nanny has continued to help me find the perfect nanny for my family. They do extensive reference checking and background screening, and present the best possible candidates based on what my specific needs and […]


I have been familiar with the above agency for 22 years. We hired Renata to function as a nanny for our newborn son in 1992. She brought 2 other associates to assiste her at different times. These people were reliable, lovable, clean and honest. Renata has become a life long friend. Alicja, the owner, can […]


As a neonatologist and mother of four children, I needed good, reliable help at home. My husband and I wanted to find someone who was qualified and trustworthy. We chose Globe Domestic Agency to help us find a nanny. Alicja lined up several qualified candidates, but we fell in love with the first one she […]

Jennifer Prartt

To Whom it May Concern, My name is Jennifer Pratt. My husband, Jeff and I have two delightful daughters, now 21 and 19. Over the course of their young life, our family had three Nannies who greatly assisted Jeff and I in raising the girls. All of these Nannies were hired from Alicja at Globe […]